Your 2022 Kelowna Wine Tour Awaits!

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Here in Kelowna – where spring arrives early and summer seems endless – the vineyards are breathtaking and the wine is as exceptional as the weather. Vines & Views Wine Tours looks forward to welcoming Kelowna guests and locals to relax and experience the best of what the Okanagan wine region has to offer. Discover […]

Corked Wine 101: Does Your Wine Cork Pass the Smell Test?

Corked Wine 101

Real cork has been used for over 300 years in the winemaking industry as an excellent way to slow down oxidation and allow wines to age. Perhaps you have come across a James Bond character being passed a cork to sniff by a sommelier in the movies or at a restaurant and thought, “what in […]

Reds and Whites and Pairings, Oh My! 10 of Okanagan’s Best Varietals

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Grape Growing in the Okanagan By grape-growing standards, the Okanagan has a relatively short season but this does not translate into grapes with shortcomings. The sun shines long here in the summer, rising before 5:00 am and setting well past 9:00 pm in the peak of the season. The hot, dry climate combined with sandy, […]

3 Reasons to Pair Your Next Tasting Tour with Sweater Weather

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The unique microclimate of the Okanagan draws crowds from all over the globe to experience the endless sunshine, lush landscapes, and bountiful wining and dining opportunities. However, the natural beauty of the lakes, vineyards, and mountains during the off-season has its own special appeal for both locals and savvy travelers. The warm, blue skies of […]

Finally! Your Summer 2021 Okanagan Wine Tour Adventure Awaits!

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It has been a long year and we are proud of how our Vines & Views Tour Company has continued to serve our customers and offer incredible wine tour experiences without compromising safety.  No matter what challenges we face, we continue and will continue, to put our customers first and offer our best.  It’s why […]