Avoid Disappointment, Book your wine tour advance!

Summer is a busy tourist season in the Okanagan Valley. Our beautiful cities, lakes and world famous wineries bring in people from all over the globe. We are currently running multiple tours each day, with morning and afternoon start times. Tours fill up very quickly, so if you are interested in checking out our wonderful wineries as part of your summer vacation you should try to book in advance. If your schedule is flexible to travel on a week day, we usually can accommodate these tours more easily than a Saturday for example. That doesn’t mean that we do not take last minute people though. If you role into town and have nothing to do for the afternoon, give us a call. If we have space, we would be happy to entertain you for the day. It`s a great way to see the Valley and best of all, you can enjoy as much wine as you like because we do the driving.

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