3 Reasons to Pair Your Next Tasting Tour with Sweater Weather

The unique microclimate of the Okanagan draws crowds from all over the globe to experience the endless sunshine, lush landscapes, and bountiful wining and dining opportunities. However, the natural beauty of the lakes, vineyards, and mountains during the off-season has its own special appeal for both locals and savvy travelers.

The warm, blue skies of autumn against the backdrop of golden trees invite hikers, golfers, and cyclists to enjoy the outdoors long into the fall. Mild, sunny winters with premium skiing opportunities just 45 min away from Kelowna at Big White, mean there is also something for adventure lovers through the winter and early spring months here in the heart of Lake Country.

But did you know that most of your favorite entertainment venues, wineries, and eateries also continue to offer fantastic opportunities for adventurers, wine lovers, and epicurists when the crazy days of summer are long over?

Here at Vines & Views, we continue to offer the best of the season’s guided wine and brewery tours. Our wine tour experts give you insider knowledge of the vineyards you visit. We are passionate about making each customer experience with us a memorable occasion. You don’t need to wait for summer to book a tour with us. Discover all the tastes and beauty that Kelowna and surrounding areas have to offer year-round.

#1. Breathing Room

The slower pace may be a surprisingly welcome change for visitors who have only experienced Kelowna and Lake Country’s vineyards and venues in the hectic summer months. We love the lively summer vibe out here and it is a vital and busy time for our local vineyards and breweries. However, the slower pace of the off-season provides its own golden opportunities. If you want a more private and cozy atmosphere, visiting Kelowna’s wineries when the peak touring season is over might just be the ticket.

You are also much more likely to have occasion to interact with the wine owners and makers of the many award-winning Okanagan wines, brews, and ciders.  With the bustle of peak season behind them, they may finally have a moment to steal away from their cellars and share a story or two about this year’s harvest and the tastings to come.

We are always pleased to share our knowledge of the many enchanting and intimate special events that a number of surrounding vineyards host in the off-peak season along the many wine routes in and around Kelowna with our customers during your guided tour with us.

#2. A Change of Views

The unparalleled landscape of Kelowna’s wineries is simply gorgeous in the full bloom of summer. But if you have never visited wine country under the golden hues of fall or stolen away for a winter get-a-away to see the vineyards tinged with frost and covered in a white blanket you will not be disappointed.

Romantic, rugged, and tranquil you can experience all your favorites in an entirely new way as tasting venues are transformed into festive, cozy rooms to sip and savor in. You just may discover some new favorites along the way as well.

#3. Unique Tastes

There is nothing like harvest time in the Okanagan and many of Kelowna’s local wineries provide world-class farm-to-table dining experiences. Experience culinary delights from the fresh bounty of local farms and orchards with perfectly crafted pairings that are second to none.

A fall or winter wine tour is also the ideal time to sample big, beautiful warming reds and find the perfect complement to your next holiday soirée or a fabulous port-style wine to enjoy by a cozy fire. You may also discover delicious seasonally spiced ales and ciders that are limited releases unavailable during the peak season.

Our staff at Vines & Views are deeply knowledgeable about the wines, wineries, and dining experiences locally available. This is our passion. Whether you are looking for an occasion wine, a fire-place sipper, or the perfect palate-pleasing wine & dine venue, we are happy to make recommendations to suit your tastes.

Make Memories

With more and more exciting Okanagan wineries emerging every year, it can be daunting to choose and plan the perfect route and designate a driver. Let us take the guesswork and drive off your hands. Inquire about our tasting tour options or customized tour options to showcase the best seasonal places to visit. From renowned favorites to hidden gems, our experienced guides will provide you with a relaxing, enjoyable, and memorable opportunity to explore wine country. So don your favorite sweater and

Contact us today for a spectacular off-season wine tour experience.

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